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Standing Up For Something

In a connected but disconnected world, where trust has been lost, living by other standards is unacceptable and unimaginable. There is a natural resistance toward things that don’t align with our values. We are therefore empowered to speak out and boycott where appropriate. We also have expectations that brands will have more meaning and be more substantive than ever before.

Top Trends from our Study

The Snowball

There is a growing expectation for brands & influencers to do the right thing


Brands play a significant role in social good

G14 Over-Index:
India (127), China (117)


Actively seek out brands that support the social causes that I believe in

G14 Over-Index:
India (124), China (120)
USA Over-Index:
Hispanics (122), African-Americans (122)

Trust apocalypse

Trust between consumers and brands has been breached, and shared values are now questioned

Fewer consumers trust what they hear from blogger / vloggers about products and services

(42% in 2019 vs. 46% in 2014)

Fewer consumers say are influenced by opinions shared online

(47% in 2019 vs. 55% in 2014)