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Global Reach & Local Connection

Aligning with a nascent sense of discovery, we have an insatiable thirst for originality that global mainstream brands are often unable to quench. The proximity of space (geography) is driving our desire to look for local ‘flavors’ (near and far) that we can adopt as our own and that appeal to our sense of individuality. Local culture is driving global culture, and technology is the conduit that helps facilitate this natural exchange and influence of cultural sharing.

Some Trends from Our Study

The Ripple Effect

The Resounding Strength And Power Of Brand Solutions Customized Locally, Local Brands, Sub-cultures And Minority Communities


Often find that local brands/products are more authentic

G14 Over-Index:
Mexico (126), India (125)


Enjoy consuming content/products from other countries


The USA is the most influential country worldwide across interests


Multicultural audiences have a significant influence on American Culture’s top 10 passion areas

(i.e., Cosmetics/Make-Up, Food, Fashion, Health & Well-being, Movies, Music, Personal Care, Retail and Restaurants and Travel)