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Mixing Up To Disrupt

We are at a time in our lives where technology has given us access to not only things, but also family, friends, new products and various cultures around the world. As such, we are creating opportunities, lifestyles and choosing elements of cultures/traditions that we like, in order to reimagine what we want to be. We are more curious than ever before and practice the art of splicing, twisting, tearing down and putting it all back together into new products. This is life re-imagined.

Top Trends from Our Study

Disruptive Creativity

Consumers Are Leaning On New Brands That Embrace Their New-ish Multifaceted Nature


Interested in trying companies that reflect a new way of doing things


Personal style includes elements from different eras / cultures / traditions

Identity Blurring

Our Identities Are Complex And Multifaceted, And Are Forged From The Choices We Make


Factors Are Very Important In Defining The Average Person’s Identity


Factors for Ages
25 – 34


Factors for Ages
45 – 54